whtappweb-web.whatsapp.com-WhatsApp Web


whtappweb-WhatsApp Web – web.whatsapp.com

whtappweb-WhatsApp Web – web.whatsapp.com

WhatsApp Web is a way to mirror the whatsapp on mobile to pc or tablate.

This is one of the best and way to access the whatsapp on pc.

WhatsApp Web is one type of messanger. This is the browser-based PC client of the WhatsApp messenger.

We are already writing a post with a complete guide on How to Use Whatsapp On Pc Without Phone.

If you need to use the WhatsApp on your pc without a phone then you can use this method. we provide all the information step by clearly in this particular post.

It does not need another account to access the WhatsApp on pc.you can access the WhatsApp on pc using the same account which is used in the mobile.

whtappwebfunction is same as the whatsapp on mobile function.

and you can instant access all the message like sending any type of text,image,video,document etc.

If you use the whtappweb service you can see all the messages of your account are synced across. and you can also see that whatever may be the message you can send or received using WhatsApp then that is available on

both mobile devices and whtappweb.whtappweb is available for most of the Android and iOS Smartphones.

Whatsapp Login and log out process


  1. Open your what’s app on your Mobile Phone.
  • If you use Android device then

Androide device : Tap the CHATS tab > More options >  web.whatsapp.com

  • If you are use Ios device then

Tap Settings > WhatsApp Web/Desktop.

2. Use your phone to scann the QR code on your PC,laptop,tablate

Then use the whtappweb to access the whtappweb on your PC,laptop,tablate

LOGOUT process

If you need to log out your whatsapp account on any device then

  • If you use androide then follow this process

Android: Open WhatsApp, then tap the CHATS tab > More options > WhatsApp Web > Log out from all devices > LOG OUT.

  • If you use the iphone then follow this process

iPhone: Open WhatsApp, then tap Settings > WhatsApp Web/Desktop > Log out from all devices > Log out.


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