how to install WordPress on my hosting server

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Web Hosting

how to install WordPress on my hosting server

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Stuff you are making progress.

Now we’re going to show you how to install WordPress.

You want to go to your web browser which is mine is Google Chrome and you’re going to type in creating

Web site or K or wherever you got your hosting.

If it was Go Daddy host Gator I page etc. but if you got it from creating Web site Dawran you typed

that in then you want to go right here to where it says log in.

And once you sign in you want to go to what is called your seat panel that’s short for control panel.

So what I’m gonna do is I’m going to go here to my products.


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Pretty much all web hosting is pretty much the same.

So whether you’re creating Web site creating Web site the order Go Daddy or I page you did it.

Host gator it’s pretty much a decent one to scroll down to where it says web hosting.

Hey this is your hosting now.

These are your domain names.

You probably only have one.

I have a lot because I have a lot of domain names.

OK your should probably say whatever you chose like the ON FIRE church dot com or whatever you chose.


But the main thing you want to do now is you want to go over his web hosting.

And we’re going to click manage OK.

So once you get to manage you’re going to have an option to visit your control panel and that’s what

you’re going to click in my say See panel see right here.

That’s what you want to click on.

Could that get now once you get to your control panel what a find Word says WordPress.

That’s it right there.

Like I said pretty much all the hosting is pretty much the same.

OK you could WordPress.

OK now when you click WordPress is going to take you to this page where it says install application.

So we’re going to install WordPress now.

So you want to go to click install application and it’s going to take you to this page.

You want to click where says domain.

You’re probably only going to have one.

I have a lot because I have a lot of domains so I’m going to go out and choose youth ministries youth

ministry ideas.

Or are you going to choose yours where it says directory.

After all this take out blog.

We don’t want to blog we want a web site.

You believe all this the same where says version.

I’ll leave that to same.

Leave all this information the same when you go down here.

This is very important information.


You want to put it username.

I’m going to use my e-mail which is CMC beats at Yahoo dot com.

Now your administrator password you could create one yourself.

Or you can have them generate it for you.

So I’m just going to head it could generate for me.


Important note.

If you have them generate it for you which you could generate you want to make sure you could show password

and then you want to select and control c you want to copy this information so you left click your mouse

Drachten select password Control-C that Wings copy and then you want to paste this to a secure location

on your computer because you’re going to need this information to log in to your WordPress dashboard.


And then I would recommend you to make your administrative e-mail the same as your administrator username.


That’s my recommendations.


Now Web site Tado say you’re selling shoes the best shoes dot com or whatever the best use.

It’s good to put that if your church you could put the on fire church.

OK the best use your Web site tagline your one stop source for shoes or whatever.


And that’s pretty much it.

Boom boom boom.

Leave all that the same go down here where it says install and you want to click it now let’s go ahead

and processing what is processing the information that it gives you is going to be some important information

that you’re going to need to log in to your Web site.

And I’m going to show you that now.


All right good stuff once it’s done installing You want to go down and find your Web site where you

install it.

Like I said you probably only got to have one multiple.

So here’s the one I just stopped.

The best use.

Now this is my web site address.

This is my wordpress logon address and that’s very important.


So we’re going to be referring to this a lot.

Mine says youth ministries ideas or forward slash WP dash and then yours is going to say your Web site.

Forward slash W.P. dash.

And because we clicked this that’s going to take us to the page where we are able to access our WordPress.

Man this is exciting.

All right.

We’re going to go from here.

He blocked


How to install a WordPress theme

OK so now we’re in our dashboard This is where a lot of the changes take place the less First thing

we’re going to do is we’re going to add a new theme to our Web site.


I just downloaded a basic thing but I’m going to install what’s called the advantage thing.

And before I do that let me just give you a bonus.

When we installed this WordPress we log in to our dashboard from our control panel but now I’m going

to show you how to log into your dashboard from anywhere on the Internet.

You type in your domain name type of forward slash WP dash admin and that will take you to nowhere.

And that will take you to your dashboard.

So let me go ahead and log out I’m going to log out and the cool thing about installing were persons

you can design your web site from anywhere that has Internet access.

So get a log out on purpose.


And we’re going to close this right.

So now when I type in the web browser pastor Dre dot com forward slash W.P. admin is going to ask me

for user name and password.


You want to store this information so you can have access to it.

Remember our user name was what admen yours maybe something different or password mine was Password

one exclamation point to anywhere anywhere that has Internet access.

I can log it to my dashboard and make changes to my Web site.

That’s too cool.

So here’s our dashboard.

So let’s go ahead and install the I’m going to go to parents and we’re going to put things.

We’re going to go to add new.

And the theme that I’m going to be working with to update my website is the backseats theme is going

to go to type advantage.

I love this theme.

It’s off the hook.

We’re set now.

I’m going to install it.

You’re going to click Install


So this is going to install a new theme to our Web site.

Right now our Web site looks like this OK but let’s go to install our new theme.

We’re going to after you’re done install it it is going to say activate when it click activate


Go ahead and let it activate.


Now it’s installed.

So let’s go to refresh our Web site and let’s see how this new theme looks.

There it is.

There is a theme we just installed.

Isn’t that awesome.

One step closer to designing your own web site.

So now what we’re going to do is I would recommend you to get the vantage the premium.

I mean all they ask for is a donation.

That’s it.

That’s all they ask for a dollar $5 $10 and it just adds so many more features to your website.

I’ve already bought it so I’m going to type in my code and upgrade.

I would really recommend it.

I mean they all they ask for is a donation.

$1 $5 $10.

It’s worth about $100 to be honest.


And we’re going to click OK.

All right.

So now we have installed a new theme to our Web site.

Now let’s get into adding some good stuff to the stay tuned for the next election.


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