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Marketing On Youtube|youtube marketing strategy 2020

Firstly using YouTube for marketing where broken down we will cover connect content Go and explore.

Use social media consistent branding creation value words are key and make more videos.

Next we will cover YouTube marketing ideas were broken down we will cover short videos interview an

expert podcast to video commenting.

Record meetings channel to reflect brand brand related username Channel U R L video testimonial explain

product or service shoulder results from old to your events introduce staff talk of your office cross

promote spread your links promoted videos YouTube partnership contests Call to Actions company information

how to videos.

Video Solutions video customer support.

Finally in that lecture we will cover embed videos.

And finally we will cover.

Maximize your reach on YouTube were broken down we will cover partner with celebrities link backs farra

Descriptions stand out be a storyteller fan videos target customers and finally landing page.

Using YouTube For Marketing


Marketing On Youtube|youtube marketing strategy 2020

Section to using YouTube for marketing.

In this section we will cover using YouTube for marketing which broken down.

We will cover connect content.

Go and explore new social media consistent branding creation value words are key and make more videos.

And then we will go and cover YouTube marketing ideas.

We’re broken down.

We will cover short videos interview an expert podcast to video commenting.

Record meetings channel to reflect brand brand related news in Aime Channel U R L video testimonial.


Product or service.

Shoulder results.

Promote your events.

Introduce staff talk of your office cross promote.

Spread your links.

Promoted videos.

YouTube partnership contests Call to Actions company information.

How to videos video solutions video customer support and finally embed videos.

Using YouTube For Marketing

Connect content.

Connect content./Using YouTube For Marketing

The key is to help Google and readers connect the video with your content.

In the description always include a link to your website.

Even if you ONLY place at the end of your text.

This will help Google and your readers find you.

By the end of the video give viewers direction to take.

Tell them to give you a call or stop by your website.

Be creative and keep in mind you should tailor the production of your video to your customer base.

Go and explore.

Using YouTube For Marketing/Go And Explore

Internet users constantly upload Youtube videos every moment.

Find ways to establish your business within the YouTube community from commenting on other videos within

your fields of interest and links to videos on your website.

Tweet videos or share them on Facebook or Google Plus both your own videos and those of fellow YouTube


Use social media.

Using YouTube For Marketing|Use Socieal Media

Create a personal YouTube channel upload videos to your account.

Each time you post the video.

This will allow users to subscribe to your account and limit your business to send e-mails to those

who subscribed.

As mentioned before put your website address within the description of each video unlinking your videos

to Twitter Facebook Google Plus or any other site that will increase your exposure.

Consistent branding.

Using YouTube For Marketing|Containt Branding

At the beginning or end of each video.

Be sure to include your logo.

Establish your voice or personality for your videos and make sure that this toll matches your branded


You have already established with other Marcom two wheels.

When possible use fonts and colours associated with your brand.

Any opportunity to be unique or stand out should not be overlooked.

By the end of the video give viewers eye direction to take.

Tell them to give you a call.

Stop on by or view your website.

Be creative and keep in mind.

You should tailor the production of your video to the needs and desires of your customer base.

Remember it is just as important to not only sell your product but to build your brand as well.

Creation value.

Using YouTube For Marketing|Creation value

Be cost effective through prioritizing your investment in your videos quality.

Invest in just enough resources to get your point across.

The method behind constructing your video is more important than the quality or access of equipment.

Something extremely polished may distract from your message or the authenticity of your product or service

but too low of a quality can also have an adverse affect on viewers.

Also be sure to keep the length of your video within a reasonable amount of time.

An individual would spend watching it.

The less scripted the better.

One area a videographer.

Is that you should never cheapen is with the sound your videos audio quality is very important.

If viewers have to strain to hear you they will probably never listen long enough to hear your call

to action at the end.

Therefore strongly consider acquiring a high quality microphone.

Words are Key

Using YouTube For Marketing|Words Are key

Words are key besides seeing your video on social media sites and your website.

How else will your target audience find your videos.

Most Internet surfers will use keywords on a search engine including YouTube search engine.

Strategically place keywords words within your video description without compromising the quality of

your content.

Keywords into the tags section when uploading a video.

Use a keyword in your title as well.

Stick to only one main key word per video.

The content of all videos is just as important as the content on your website.

Make sure to create videos that relate to your business.

For instance if you design direct mail postcards post a video of your process in space mould under awesome

end result at the end of the day you are hoping to gain clients not necessarily viewers.

Make more videos.

Using YouTube For Marketing|Making More Video

Create tutorial videos and how to operate your product or use your service.

General how to videos and training videos can benefit both customers and employees as well as increase

exposure online.

Make funny behind the scenes videos show personal side of further expose your brand to social media


If you plan on hosting an event creating a new line of products and consider addressing these new developments

in a video blog you may even want to give an overview of your business or service process.

Always tried to be as creative as possible to keep viewers interested engaged and coming back for more.

YouTube Marketing Ideas

YouTube Marketing Ideas

Short videos create short videos are valuable tips of interest to your clients and prospects to show

off your expertise.

Interview an expert.

Conduct an interview with an expert.

Podcasts to videos turn your podcasts into videos to expand your reach.


Engage with the YouTube community by leaving comments on uploading video responses to videos on topics

related to your business or industry.

Record meetings record unimportant meeting to share with your employees shareholders and others as appropriate.

Channel to reflect a brand.

Set up a channel to reflect your brand and engage with others.

Brand related username.

Choose a username that reflects your brand for your channel you are L..

Channel you are L your channel you are l to marking collateral and social network profiles.

Video testimonial post customer video testimonials to add to your credibility.


Product or service.

Put together a creative video explaining your product or service.

Sure the results show the results of someone using your service or product.

Promote your events promote your events use them recordings of previous events.

Introduce staff.

Introduce your stuff to add authenticity.

Two of your office take viewers on a tour of your offices and city to help them feel connected with

your brand.

Cross promote and ask others to use your product in their videos.

For example like product placement in movies and cross promote each other.

Spread your links.

Post links to your videos on various social networks.

Promoted videos.

Look into YouTube promoted videos to reach your target for a contextually relevant search results.

YouTube partnership.

Earn money from your videos.

By entering into a partnership with YouTube.


Why not run a YouTube exclusive contest.

Call to Actions and call to action overlays to your videos to drive traffic to your website.

Company information display company information in every video including name you are cell phone number

and e-mail address.

How to videos create how to videos to help your customers use your product or service.

Video Solutions pulse solutions to common product or service problems.


Customer Support.

Answer customer specific questions using videos.

Imagine how surprised the customer will be when you point them to a video with their answer.

Embed videos embed videos on your website on appropriate pages including customer support and product


Maximise Your Reach On YouTube


Using YouTube For Marketing

 Maximise Your Reach On YouTube

Make it findable.

Your videos should be findable both within and outside of YouTube videos often appear on the first page

of search engines and approve a method of leapfrogging your competition to the top on search results


The fact that Google on YouTube can not be overlooked.

Use annotations.

You can add annotations to your YouTube videos that include clickable call to action.

These annotations appear on the top of your videos for a specified length of time and can include links

to other videos playlists or channels or include a subscribe option.

Post the bulletins at the top of your channel is the Post Bulletin tab.

You can create a bulletin and link to a video of that will appear on new subscribers and friends home


This is a great way to draw extra attention and traffic to your video.

Review your insights.

YouTube has some powerful analytics that give you insight into who’s watching your videos and how they

discovered them.

You can gather information on an individual video or on all the videos you’ve uploaded.

Partner with celebrities.

There are many YouTube celebrities who have hundreds of thousands of users read search to find YouTube

users whose audiences may be interested in your product or service and partner with them have them talk

about you in their videos.

And while I’ll give them some freebies to give away to their audience.

Link backs.

One of the best ways to turn YouTube views into traffic and sales is to invite people back to your website

at the end of your videos.

Then make it really easy for them by including a clickable link right in the video description box.

Make sure you look at where your website traffic is coming from.

You might notice that YouTube traffic is the most engaged.

For a description’s YouTube is owned by Google.

So each video you publish on YouTube has the potential for high search visibility.

Make sure to fill out every available empty box.

Will you publish your video.

This includes title tags description and category.

Stand out.

YouTube is quickly becoming a saturated market of online marketing.

So you’ve got to stand out.

If you’re going to take the time to create a video advertising your business there’s just no sense in

crafting one that blandly points out your company’s advantages.

Inject humour use creative graphics and do anything you can to get your video to stand out from the


Be a storyteller.

How can you tell your brand story Frue pictures and sound.

Data visualization and storytelling are quickly becoming the hottest trends in messaging.

If you’re a photographer or owner of a music store coffee shop etc. you have plenty to convey through

sights and sounds.

Create a video series featuring your customers so they can share and market the video to their networks.

Fan videos.

Referrals are the greatest marketing out there.

Without a doubt.

Why not start a show.

Customers to post short YouTube videos about their experiences with your brand both positive and negative.

These videos tell your story in a genuine way.

The positive comments will obviously be helpful and unflattering ones.

Create even more value because they allow you to learn and what you need to improve upon.

Target customers.

Old Spice did it best a few years ago by making a handful of videos at a time that directly responded

to customer questions.

They even conducted some clever celebrity outreach with these videos by making them humorous and tagging

influencers to draw their attention.

There is nothing more genuine and honest than a personalized video to satisfy a customer’s needs.

If you have the resources is highly recommended.

Landing Page is easier to get ranked in search results using YouTube.

You are missing a lot of benefit because the video on YouTube will rank not the one on your website.

To combat this.

Create a video landing page and site map optimized for your company.

You’ll get the video to rank and drive traffic to your website.


what is youtube marketing?

The aim of YouTube advertising and marketing needs to be to ship customers to different social channels, or to your website (or each). Make it simple by including hyperlinks to your channel. They’re going to seem within the backside right-hand nook of your channel artwork, in a spot that is simple to see and extremely clickable

youtube marketing strategy 2020

64% of customers usually tend to purchase a product after watching a video about it;
Customers keep on the web page with the video nearly 90% longer than on the web page with out it;
59% of managers would slightly watch a video than learn a textual content

youtube channel marketing

1. Create thumbnail photographs that draw viewers in.
2. Give your movies irresistible titles.
3. Use search key phrases that present largely video outcomes from Google.
4. Embody calls to motion.
5. Ensure you’re permitting folks to embed your movies.
6. Cross-promote your YouTube channel like a professional.
7. Create playlists.


Wilden you have now completed our course marketing on YouTube.

We hope you find this course beneficial and you have picked up on some great tips to market your YouTube

channel further and gain a wider audience.

Wilder from all of us here a free six the Academy.

On this course we have covered the following.

Firstly be covered using you tube for marketing where we covered connect content.

Go and explore.

Use social media consistent branding creation value words are key and make more videos.

We then went on to cover YouTube marketing ideas where we covered short videos interview and expert

podcasts to video commenting.

Record meetings channel to reflect a brand brand related use in a channel.

You are l video testimonial explained product or service showed the results.

Promote your events introduce staff tours of your office cross promote spread your links promoted videos

YouTube partnership contests Call to Actions company information how to videos video solutions video

customer support.

Finally be covered in that lecture embed videos.

And finally be covered.

Maximize your reach on YouTube won’t be covered.

Partner with celebrities link backs forit descriptions stand out be a storyteller fun videos target

customers and finally landing page.

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