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How To Create A Facebook Ad To Build Your List

Great now it’s time to take the next step in this in the following videos and we’ll show you how to

build up a email list with Facebook and I’ll walk you through the very basic campaign ad creation process

now creating ads is something many marketers and businesses are really scared about.

It actually scares them to death.

They were completely overwhelmed by the different targeting functions.

And they just know they’re kind of paralyzed when the when they see the ads dashboard they they get


They start to sweat and they go like oh no I can never do this.

Well relax.

Actually if you follow the steps of this training if you’ve done your market research.

If you install a conversion pixel Well guess what.

The market research is actually the most difficult part and you’re just actually prepared to create

your very first ads.

Again most marketers don’t know who their target audience is.

So they’re struggling with that part.

But you know exactly who your customers are the people that will get on your list them buy your products

and services.

And this is just great.

You will see that it will make the entire creation process very very simple.

So take a deep breath.

It’s nothing you should be scared about.

If you’ve done your homework.

It will be very easy to do.

So let’s get started.

The first step is to log and enter Facebook Ads manager and can you see that over here.

It says create Attwell.

Just click on that and let’s get started with the app creation process.

Perfect the first step of every Facebook campaign is to choose the objective for your campaign.

There are a number of different campaign objections that can boost your post promote your page.

Send people to your website.

Increase conversions on your Web site.

Let’s see and like get video views.

Increase engagement in your app.


So we want to build up an email list and when Saldate conversion Pixley’s in order to track conversion

we want to know who’s converting and who isn’t converting.

So what they want you to do is to go ahead and click on increased convergence on your website.

So the website is this is to squeeze page and we want to make sure that as many people as possible opt


So go ahead like in that and that tap here then and the you are out of your squeeze page.

No big deal.

It’s the oldest two.

And then just choose the conversion pixel that you installed previously.


That’s my conversion pixel here.

Great and if your identity can continue and continue to accept.

Now comes the tricky part.

Or actually it’s not the tricky part because you’re asked you of this training and as I said before

that’s something I really want to see 95 percent of marketers are struggling with.

They see that Saxman they go like oh shit I have really absolutely no clue where my target audience

laughs whether ages 13 18 already 65 hurty like 100 years old or any male already there.

Are they male or female.

Heck what language do they speak.

And then they click on More demographics and then they they completely start to you know they almost

get an heart heart attack.

On the one hand they’re happy that they can target people by job titles and the series and actually

buy live events or their relationships but have really no clue who their target audience is and they

just really get crazy.

And then they proceed through the intersection.


And then even be even to the behavior section and really they get completely overwhelmed.

The great thing is this is nothing you will have to freak out about because we did all the research

we already know all this information.

So here’s what you have to do.

And this trainee will skip custom audiences custom audiences are a little bit more advanced and if you’re

just starting out acquiring customers from Facebook they give you email lists.

There’s the interesting Saxon for you.

So just forget about that for a moment.

So what they want you to do is to pick your customer Avatar maybe even have a printed and just have

that one open.

So the first thing you have to specify is the location where does your target audience live.

Now if you want to target multiple countries here’s what you shouldn’t do.

Don’t enter.

For example in the United States the United Kingdom and Australia in this field here if you compare

your three different customer avatars then you will see some differences.

OK the demographic structure will be probably different.

And also the things your target audience is interested in might there.

So acknowledge this fact and set up separate campaigns.

So if you want to reach people living in the United States in the United Kingdom in Australia well don’t

enter all three countries here.

Just go with one cape.

So in this example I’ll just pick the United States and hey if you’re a local business you can get more

specific than that you can say I just want to reach people living in New York or in San Francisco or

in London or a just a very specific district of London.

And so if you’re just really interested in a very specific geographic region then just specify here

that in 95 percent of the cases you know just go very Brott if you’re if your product is kind of mass

appeal and you don’t face any geographical restrictions then age is also pretty important.

Just take a look at your customer Avatar is.

Here it is.

And as you can see our target audience is between 25 and 44 years old.

So guess what I’ll do I’ll just specify that audience here.

Twenty five forty four.

Here we go.

Now something I’d like to point out.

If your target age group is very broad let’s say your target audience is between 25 and 65.

That’s 40 years that you’re a cover.


In that case I would split tested.

I would just create one campaign that reaches out to Facebook users that are between 25 and 45.

And one campaign that reaches out to Facebook users that are between 46 and sixty five.

Then gender again you can target both men and women but you can say like oh I just want to reach out

to the male audience or to a female audience so let’s take a look at our customer and her again we see

that OK 56 percent female audience 44 percent male audience.

There is basically no significant difference in that case.

I wouldn’t specify the second year and now if your market is very specific let’s say you’re trying to

advertise a dating service and you’re just looking for male subscribers.

Then guess what.

Just select the male audience only languages.

This is a very interesting section that you will not use.

Ninety nine percent of all instances.

Let’s take a look at the following examples so let’s say I want to advertise a German Social Media Marketing


Now here’s what I’m doing.

I’m reaching out to people in the United States that are between 25 and 44 and both male and female.

Now what’s the problem about that configuration.

Well probably 98 percent of these folks here don’t speak German.

They will not they will not understand.

They will just they will read German as no German can be pretty threatening language if you if you if

you don’t speak it they’ll just read the blog article that they promote or squeeze page and they will

go like oh what does that they will actually get scared.

And this is something they don’t want.

At the same time I don’t want to waste my money because these folks will not opt in.


If someone would send me a squeeze page that’s written in Chinese I would not opt in if I don’t understand

what I’m subscribing for.


So if you want to reach out to a certain group of people that doesn’t speak the official language in

the country then you definitely have to specify the language here.


Next step more demographics.

What is that.

You know Facebook marketing or Facebook asking its very specific.

And with that you’re getting super laser target so you can’t say I just want to reach out to people

who are in who are single or who are married or I’m just interested in the certain educational level

or people with certain job titles or with a certain amount of income.

You can even target specific life events.

But the first section is your relationship education work financials.

Now let me ask you a question.

Have you ever heard about these targeting options here in the next question.

Do you have information about your target audience in terms of these targeting options here.

Well surprise surprise you have just let’s take a look at our customer avatar.

If you’ve done your homework.

Income boom 100k education boom.

I know that my audience is pretty educated.

We’ve seen that there is there is a big amount of folks living in the states who are interested in sales

and marketing and they have and they’ve been to grad school relationship.

I know that many of them are married 52 percent and even though their job.

I know what they’re doing for a living as management sales Nike’s are they’re in management in sales

or in I.T..

So what they could do is to go ahead and specify that these sections here so I could pick the right

relationship status and say OK I just want to reach out to the married folks or education just to people

who’ve been through grad school work just to Facebook users that are in management and financials just

for Facebook users that earn more than 100k a year now the problem.

The good thing about demographics is that you can get pretty laser targeted very very laser targeted.

On the other hand you should be a little bit careful because it narrows down your target audience quite

a lot.

If you let’s say you’re targeting Facebook users that earn more than $100000 have been to Gretz goal

are single and in a heat.

That’s a very specific targeting.

So when you play around with that section you’re just make sure to monitor the audience definition bar.

So make sure it’s still in the green range.

If it’s red it’s too specific.

That means that you have to remove some targeting here.

Some of the targeting here.

If it’s too broad then you still know OK.

I could I can play around with that here.

But generally speaking I use this section.

If your audience is very broad after you entered some interest your Facebook style tells you how you

can get more specific.

So in that case you could use the more demographics functions here.

Next the interest section here well you can target people by interest and this is what makes Facebook

so powerful.

Well here here we go.

I told you to take notes on the interest people.

Many people are struggling with that.

So let’s just enter if you want to reach out to people.


Amy Porterfield or John Neumar.

Mary Smith is a public figure digital marketer.


Examiner So add as many interests as you can and then just money toward this audience definition bar.

So if I would enter like 10 more and this thing would move to the right side so it would indicate that

the targeting is too broad.

There are two options.

Either I would just create a new campaign a new ad that and I would just split this targeting So if

I identified 20 different interests then I would create one campaign that contains the first 10 interests

and then you campaign that includes the other the last 10 interest.

So that’s what you can do is just play testing the second year or Again you just enter every single

interest that you intend to find that’s relevant and then you just use the more demographics function

to specify your target audience behaviors is not so important so they can specify the digital activity

of your users or the mobile devices they’re using.

I really rarely used is when that when I’m starting up to built up a lead generation campaigns so don’t

be worry about that.

Same about the connection.


So behaviors and connection is something you can use that don’t even bother with it.

If you’re starting out building up your email list this is something you can play around with if you

get really bored and if you’re already getting great results.

But bottom line is to do a short recap when it comes to targeting select a location here.

So go with just one country and if you’re a local business you can even specify the zip code or the

city H.

Keep that very broad.

If but if the range is like too too broad too big.

Like if you’re your target audience is between 18 and 65 then split that gender.

This is very business specific right.

If your business is only geared towards men or women then use that.

But again if you’re starting out creating your first ad don’t specify the section your language has

we covered a example of when you should use it in 90 percent 99 percent of the cases.

This is something you should leave blank.

More demographics.

Use this section.

Only after entering a number of interests and to narrow down the targeting or just don’t specify more

demographics in the first stage of your ad creation process.

Once you run a number of ads once you get first results you could use deception to split test your ass

and just see if you’re getting better results by specifying some more demographics like the relationship

status or

the job title.

If your ideal client and then the interest section enter as many interests as you can and monitor the

audience definition bar here.

So make sure that the audience definition bar is in the middle if it’s getting too broad.

Then you have two options and that is creating a separate campaign split the interest section or Again

using the more demographics option to just get more specific more targeted and completely forget about

behaviors both connections and in the next video we’ll talk about how much you should spend on Facebook

so we’ll talk about building about pricing and about scheduling your ass

Ad Bidding & Pricing Tricks

The next step is to specify the budget the scheduling and the pricing basically.

There’s some more advanced scheduling and delivery options but you can actually completely ignore these

these three sections here are what you have to focus on.

Let’s talk about the budget first.

As you can see there are two different options you can select to run the campaign the ad and the daily

budget or you can specify a lifetime budget.

So always work with daily budgets because in that case I can be sure that if I you know have a 100 dollar

daily budget that all that money will get spent on that particular day with a lifetime budget.

You know if you say you want to spend $100 within seven days chances are you will look at a continuous

and equal traffic flow.

So for this reason they always work with daily budgets.

The big question is what number see entry here.

Now if you’re starting out then I recommend to get started with an ad budget of three years five years

per at as we’ll see in the moment.

You can you can create six different ads and one campaign right away.

So if you’re really running your ads in a very limited budget and a low budget you don’t have so much

money to spend.

Hey that’s totally cool.

Don’t worry about that.

We’ll also talk about this thing and that you will have said that a number of different ads and see

what works best.

So since you can create six ads per campaign during the initial setup process obviously you can add

more ads to your campaign.

But if you’re just creating your very first campaign and you can create six different ads each at should

run on a three to five dollar daily budget if you don’t have so much money to spend and just enter like

15 or ideally 18 dollars or 80 or 18 years.

Right and hey don’t worry.

Let’s run this campaign forever.

You will see that we are still in the testing phase.

We will set up a number of different ads just run them for a day or maybe even 48 hours if your traffic

is a little bit better.

But then we will see what’s working and what doesn’t work at all.

And the next step will be to pass the ads that aren’t working and then just scale the working ones.

Next step at scheduling as you can see you can run your assets continuously starting today and then

you can also choose to set that you start and end and date.

Now you know I’m the type of person that gets pregnant pretty easily and chances are that I would probably

forget that I’m running at like 80 percent of the times if if I’m testing something I just do a test

and you know chances are that I’ll probably run these ads for a year without him noticing it.

I’ll just get the bills from Facebook and I’ll just wonder why Facebook is actually charging me.

But if you’re sure that you will log in into your Facebook account and check your ads every single day

that you own money toward them closely and that you will absolutely not forget about pausing the ads

and checking the results of your first test campaign then here’s what you should do.

Just keep it to run my ask continuously and then just log in every day at least one or ideally twice

and see how you add performing and then just pass all of them after a few days and just counted the

ones that they’re working and the next step is the pricing section.


As you can see there’s a number of different options.

We’ve got the option to optimize for website conversions for clicks for daily and preach and impressions.

Now this is a performance campaign right.

We’re we are not only setting up ads and sending traffic.

We want results be one Convergence and that’s why you should keep it to the default option.

Optimizing for conversion.

The beauty about that is that Facebook will really optimize your ads for Convergence making sure that

the most amount of people actually make it on your list which is great.

And with that option you’re basically activating a pretty advanced Facebook algorithm.

Facebook is gathering a lot of data and Facebook is testing a lot for you.

And after a certain time Facebook kind of figures out like the perfect client the perfect Facebook user

who will most likely complete a desired action and that is opting in making it on your email list.


So this option is actually pretty pretty new.

It didn’t exist like two three years ago and it really changed a lot for many marketers.

Split this thing got easier.

You actually have to split this a lot less because again Facebook is learning actively the Facebook

algorithm is pretty damn smart.

And you know Facebook gathers data about your campaign constantly and then Facebook will serve your

ads to people who are more likely to opt in.

So this is a great option.

Forget about clicks daily unique impressions.

This is what I would not play around with.

Just keep it to the default option and you will be happy then as you can see.

You can select the amount.

A conversion is worth to you and you can also just go for the get the most website conversion at the

best price option you’ll be charged for impressions.

In this case again Facebook will do all the bidding for you if you select the second option you will

have to bid manually.

You will have to enter the target bit per conversion right.

But this is nothing I would really worry about is nothing I would do.

First of all you will never pay as much as you enter here as it just a bit right.

It’s never the end price.

And since you are testing with a small budget and you want Facebook to do all the hard work for you

keep it to the default option so optimize your ads or campaign for web site conversions and then get

charged on a impression basis.

If you’re done with that click on continue to at.

 Creativity Meets Science: Selecting The Perfect Ad Image

Great we are almost then the last step is to select an image for your ads or actually multiple images

then to specify the headline and the at text.

Last but not least you will have to customize the placement.

So let’s talk about the image selection first.

As you can see there are three different options here.

You can either upload an image from a computer or you can browse the library meaning that you get access

to images that you already used.

And then there’s the free stock images option which is my favorite option because just by clicking on

that button you can use professional images from Shutterstock in your ads at no extra costs.

And maybe you’ve heard about Shutterstock Shutterstock is basically the leading stock photography company

in the world.

They just have you know hundreds of thousands of high quality images that you can get access to and

you’re basically buying licenses for using these images.

So back in the years if you wanted to get access to high quality photos you had to open the Shutterstock

account and you really had to pay lots of money for photos.

And if you were running ads and they’re really low budget that was a big pain in the ass because you

basically wasted half of your budget just for photos.

Thank God this changed.

So last year yeah I’m pretty sure it was last year.

Facebook closed the deal with Shutterstock and the consequences of that deal was that you’re basically

getting access to shelters stocks as stock photo library for free just by clicking on that tap here

so you can see you’re really getting access to tons of high quality images here as you can use the search

bar and just enter different keywords depending what you’re searching for.

Just enter something boring.

You’re like social media marketing.

As you can see the hurt there are really great pictures right.

And you can select up to six different images for your at which you should absolutely do because Facebook

will split these pictures for your automatically so select six different pictures which will result

in six different apps.


The image selection is actually pretty tricky.

There are a few things you have to know about.

Actually it’s not very difficult but there are certain things no one is talking about.

And that’s why we will talk about the image selection.

And you know specific guidelines in the next video were where we’ll talk about creatives like the image

and the ad copy but the goal of this video is to show you that you can use the search bar and search

for different keywords and identify different.

You can then find different pictures for your ads.

I will tell you in the next video which images you want to use and which images you should use to get

the best results for the sake of simplicity.

Just like that the two over here if I’m if I’m happy with the with my selection I just click on them

and you can even reposition these images so you can click on crop and just you know change

change this the form of that little bit.

Same here if you want to see OK I just want to see a little bit more of the hands or maybe more of the

glasses here.

You can just reposition the image very easily.

Perfect then we have the headline that we have to specify what do you have to enter here.

That’s what we’ll figure out in the moment.

And last but not least there’s the ad placement as you can see you can place the ad in the desk top

news feed of a Facebook user.

So it will basically appear in the middle.

Then we’ve got the mobile news feed meaning that Facebook users will see your ad on their mobile phones.

And then we’ve got that desktop right.

Cullom meaning that your ads will get displayed on the right hand side something you should do is basically

only remove the audience network.

That’s something I really don’t like work with and later down the road you can play test different app

placement but if you starting out first of all you just want to get data right.

So run your ad on the best of news feed on the mobile news feed and on the right column and you will

see where you’re getting the best results and you can still split test your ads later down the road

to see if you’re getting the best results on mobile only or and the right hand column only or maybe

in the best of news feed.


If you’re happy with your selection just click unplaced order.

So the missing element now is just to figure out what images you should use.


That will appear in your at you’ll learn that there are three different options to select an image that

you should use the free stock images here to get access to Shutterstock libraries and to get really

bad images just like that one over here.

And you also learn that you have to the headline and at text to sell your lead to sell your squeeze


So two questions are what image should you use and what should you enter in the headline and the add

text section.

Do You Know These Three Ad Image Tricks?

Let’s take a look at images first.

There is really only one thing that matters when it comes to selecting the perfect ad image and that

one thing is attention.

You have to grab the user’s attention.

That is one of the key ingredients of a successful ad the more attention your ad commands the more people

will just click on your ads.

So really break rules.

Just picture that huge showcase pictures that you expose your audience to pictures that are just different.

So what can you do to get the attention off a Facebook user.

First of all just pick funny or weird images even if they’re not related to your product at all.

So everything that’s funny or weird is just really great.

Like this guy here.


Just pouring Melgen taking a bath and milk.

It’s actually pretty famous commercial.

But this is just a perfect example.

If you see that in the News Feed it automatically grabs your attention.


So everything that’s funny or weird just works really great.

So if you find something weird use it and the keywords that I recommend that you should use when you

browse shelter or stalk are weird crazy funny and outrageous.

So weird crazy funny and outrageous and you will find tons of great pictures I promise.

So if there is something weird like that so you’re browsing and something just pops up right.

And it just stands out.

Then use that image.

And chances are that it will do really well.

The second trick is to use colorful images right so you know the predominant colors on Facebook are

blue and white.

And for this reason use colors like red yellow orange green or pink.

These are the colors that stand out.

You know if you would have an image with a white or blue and without any significant color contrast

then your ads will never stand out especially if you’re running right hand column ads for this reason

just select pictures that are really outstanding because you know red yellow orange green or pink is

the predominant color background and the third thing is to use the power of smiling faces.

It’s statistically proven that women that happy women contribute to the highest click through rates.

You basically cannot ignore a smile or someone is staring at you you just have to use.

You just have to look at these two people here right.

They’re just looking at you you’re just looking bad back and you’re like Yeah.

What now.

So happy people smiling faces are great for Facebook ads.

So make sure to deploy this strategy.

How To Craft A Winning Ad Copy

The last thing we have to talk about is the headline and the text.

Now let’s keep this very simple and again I’ll just tell you what works.

The headline.

Let’s just take a look at the best of news here at.

It will appear just below your picture.


So let’s see.

I’m offering.

I’m sending people to a squeeze page that offers them a free ebook on how to build up an e-mail list.

So here’s what you should do.

First of all no matter what you’re trying to sell you know I didn’t care what your niche market is if

you’re in the beauty market in and in the social media marketing space or if you’re just trying to sell

doc food.

The headline has just one purpose and that is to establish common ground and to point out the problem.

So in this case it’s obvious.

No email subscribers question mark right.

Ask a question always start the headline with a question not a statement because the statement is more

like OK no email subscribers.

But if you’re asking a question you’re actually triggering a conversation.

If in the mind of your Facebook user who’s actually reading that at.

This applies to everything no matter whether you’re in the weight loss market or the dating market.

Just try to identify the problem.

The one thing that keeps your ideal client your ideal customer up at night.

If you’ve done that then just phrase it.

Ask a question and say like hey you’ve got email subscribers.

Hey are you really struggling to find the perfect partner.

Or hey are you really struggling to lose weight.

So really just establish common ground.

Tell the Facebook user or your your potential client Hey I know your problem.

I know where you’re stuck.

Here’s something you might be interested in.

So if you do that you will see your conversion rate.

The app will just go up.

And now that you pointed out the problem you should really offer a solution.

OK you should really provide a reason to click on your AD.

So now that I said like hey you’ve got no email subscribers then I will discover how I generate leads

but Facebook advertising this can be something short straight to the point you can actually even get

a little bit more specific than that.

I don’t know what your leave magnet is you can say go discover how I generated 263 leads with Facebook

advertising without 24 hours something like that.

So the ad text should be also short scray to the point but basically provide a reason and indicate a

solution to the problem that you emphasized.

So if you said hey no email subscribers then you should tell your ideal client your prospect that hey

here’s something that will help you click on this at.

Long story short when you craft your ad copy.

Ask yourself what’s the problem that my ideal client has and then just tell him here’s a solution for


If you click here here’s what you get.

Tell him what the opportunity is tell him what you have to offer.

K. specified be trying to be as specific as possible.

So just go ahead.

Take action.

Start creating your at select 6.

Bad as pictures that really stand out and then just go ahead and create your headline your add text

and then just click on the place order button and I’ll see in the next video.

How I Split Test Ads For Maximum

Great now that you’ll learn how to generate leads.

With Facebook there’s something else we have to cover.

We learned how to create an ad but as you can see even though I have a little a little bit of experience

when it comes to Facebook advertising I then only create a single act because that’s a matter of fact.

Chances are that the first ad that you will create even if you created a billion ads before will not

be your most successful one.

The power of Facebook is the targeting.

No question about that.

But what makes Facebook also very powerful is the ability to split text with a really small budget.

Now as you can see I created a number of different ads and they tried different parameters.


And I actually never stop split testing.

This was just a very simple test campaign that they did.

But even here I created in a number of different ads.


Trying to accomplish the very same thing and that is building up an email list if you’re kind of need

your Facebook advertising and they know many people just hate politics and they hear that word.

They just want to runaway.


If you’re like that just do me a favor and please set up at least 20 different apps because if you really

want to find the big winner you just have to test and you will see what works.

Facebook is giving you access to all the data and you just take a look at that and they say OK this

ad works that this ad doesn’t work.

And salon.

So something you should definitely split test is the ad image and the ad copy.

That’s what you should do.

All right.

So if you’re new if you don’t want to bother look at this thing.

Just set up a net with 20 different ad images or 20 different ad copies are like No 10 10 ads with a

different ad image and then ten ads with a different ad copy.

This is what you should do.

It is very easy right.

Just duplicate the ad and then just change it create change a picture and then see what works better.

If you want to get a little bit more advance you could split this age groups.

So let’s see just starting out by creating an ad that is targeting an audience that is between 20 and

six years old.

You could split that ad and just say OK I’ll run one campaign that is targeting a very specific audience

between 20 and 40 and one that’s between 40 and 60 and they will just see OK either age group number

one is performing better or the second one or maybe there’s even no difference then gender.

You could say I will just duplicate an ad and one that will target men and one that will target women.

And you can then compare who’s converting better interest section.

You know that’s the true power of requiring the leads and the crying customers on Facebook so make sure

to split test different interests especially if your if your list is very long.


So you can again just track where you’re getting the best results and less been all there is the place.

And as you know there are three different placement options.

That is a desktop news feed.


And call them news feed and on mobile.

So you could say I’ll create one ad that is only running a mobile placement and the other two you know

running a best of news placement and the right hand column place and then again you just see where you’re

getting better conversions cheaper conversions.


So that’s your homework now that you learned how to create ads.

Make sure to create at least 20 different ads.

Again if you’re lazy just put the images and the ad copy.

And if you want to get a little bit more advanced than just test more cake just create 40 50 different

ads and split the age gender interest and the ad placement.

Now what’s important as you can see I didn’t work with crazy budgets over here.


So I started out with a daily budget of like three years $3 and this is what you should do as well.

When you split this run the ads that you create it for a day or at least no more than two days one day

24 hours is just perfect.

So the budget two three or if you have a little bit more money to spend to five or reason $10 if you

want to get really accurate and fast results and run that ad run these ads for at least for 24 hours

or 48 hours if you want to you can just really depends how much money you have spent.

If you have a very low and limited budget then set up your ads to like $3 and 24 hours if you have more

money to spend 48 hours and five or ten dollars a.

And just run that and you will see that you will start getting different results just as you can see



You’ll have an ad performance of let’s say $2 20 per customer acquisition and then you will have an

ad that will just for example generate leads at like 37 cents.

So we’ll see really significant differences.

First you really need to acquire to accumulate data in order to be able to optimize and improve your

ads and the big question is when should you actually stops play testing.

Well my personal belief is that you can always improve.

OK we’re not only talking about self developing here but when it comes to Facebook advertising can always

get better we can always find a better campaign.

And that’s what you should focus on that’s what you should try to I think never stops politicizing.

Even though I’ve found an ad that generates leads in like 50 cents.

I go like OK I can do better than that.

Let’s find one that generate leads at like 40 cents or 30 cents.

It’s possible it will require a little bit more work but if you have a bigger budget and you really

want to get the most out of every back then for God’s sake just never stops politicizing.

But the question is when you should actually stop and be like OK I did a great job.

Well if you’ll be able to generate leads at less than a dollar then you really did a terrific job.

If you’re just starting out.

So in that case you will say OK that’s it.

I did everything that they could and I’m getting these at like 90 cents ninety five cents or 80 cents.

I’m totally fine for that.

Patrick showed me that I can get leads for like 50 cents if I work really hard if I split this a little


But that’s not where I want to get 80 90 cents is totally fine.

MLS is profitable.

People are buying from me etc..

So if you’re happy with that customer acquisition cost of below a dollar or just maybe even a dollar

straight then that’s totally fine you can stop there.


So let’s wrap things up.

Test 20 different ads said the ad budget too like $3 to $5.

Run run these ads for 24 hours and then just check your results see which results you are getting.

And once you have some data at hand that you can analyze then it’s time to take the next step and to

scale your winning.

Scaling – The True Power Of Facebook Advertising

In the previous video we talked about split testing about testing small and in this video we want to

talk about SkyLink.

So the power of Facebook advertising is to basically figure out without taking a big risk.

What’s working and the next step is to do just more of what’s working.

And that’s the concept of scaling.

So here’s what I want you to do.

Split this at least 20 different apps.

And if you add them to fight and at that acquires you leads below one dollar below one euro.

And if you’re happy with that and if you say I don’t want to split this more that’s all I ever wanted

to accomplish.

That’s more than I could even dream about.

If you’re happy with these results then please do the following.

There are two things you have to do in order to scale a campaign.

First of all that’s rather obvious.

Just really pause all the campaigns all the ads that are not delivering great results.

So like this one here if you see that you paid more than $3 or three years for an app just pause it

because it’s something that apparently isn’t working.

And take a look at why it’s not working.

Was it something wrong with the picture.

Did you target the interest group that well you shouldn’t target in future.

Reggie try to reverse engineer the process of why the ad why the campaign didn’t work right or like

this one.

Two dollars.

Twenty two years 20.

If you say oh wow.

That’s way too much then just posit.


Well the question is what should you do with that ad that is really generating leads for just actually

pennies for a dollar.

Really that is for what most businesses are really dreaming about their customer acquisition cost and

like $10000.

As you can see here with Facebook you can really Choire them for sounds and these are not just any leads

and these are if you’re really targeting them well then these people will eventually become your customers.


So if you found an ad that’s working really well here’s what you shouldn’t do.

If you see that you’re getting great results with the $5 daily budget.

What most people do is just you know scaling really aggressively.

They say like oh I want to get rich quickly now here’s $500.

Mark over.

Just make me rich.

Don’t do it.

Scale gradually.

So if I see that my ad performs well at like $5 what I would do is just clicking the button your and

then just increasing the budget to like 10.

That’s a little bit too much.

So increase it to like 10 dollars 10 euros a day.

And again run that ad for two or three days if I see that I’m getting similar results and that my you

know click through rate this table that my ad costs are going up then just go down then just increase

your budget to like 15 or 20 euros.


If you see that’s going well try 30 try with 40 50 until you know in the best case scenario you would

rescaled maybe even three like a thousand euros a day.

And if you really have a very profitable and if you have a big budget and if you monetize your list

properly right now you don’t have to get to a thousand euros.

But I’m but I’m just telling you don’t start playing around with crazy numbers like that.


If you have a limited budget then well just stick to it.

But don’t ask your grandma or your parents parents to borrow you like a thousand euros a thousand dollars

because you tell them hey if I just found an ad that’s generating leads it’s like 50 cents.

I’ll do the same with the thousand dollars and we can fly to the Bahamas for Christmas.


I don’t know but maybe that will even happen but really don’t get too excited.

Just relax be happy that you found an ad that seems to work and then just really increase your budget


Five 10 15 20 30 50 100 dollars a day and so on.


That’s how you scale properly.

So again run at least 20 different ads or at least run them as long as you found a winner.

If you want to stop at a dollar police and if you say OK I found an ad that is really delivering these

results and paying a dollar per conversion then do two things.

Pass all the other ads that are not performing well and then just increase the budget gradually off

your win there.

And again just track your results.

Monitor your results closely.

Lock in at least once.

They made me maybe even twice a day and just see how your ad costs are developing.

So that’s how to scale a campaign.

And that’s really the way to build up a huge list on Facebook without having to spend tons of money

on Facebook advertising and without risking hundreds or maybe even thousands of dollars without seeing

the results that you actually want to see.



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